State Express 555 70mm - Specially Packaged for BOAC Airlines - vintage British Cigarette Pack
British Overseas Airways Corporation, empty collectible cigarette pack
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About this pack:

    • Brand Name: State Express 555
    • Length: 70mm
    • Size: 20
    • Type: flip-top box
    • Filter/Menthol/Regular: regular
    • Full/Partial/Empty: empty
    • Manufacturer: Ardath Tobacco Co., Piccadilly, London, England
    • Additional Comments: Airplane pack

Good, display-quality condition. Pack is open and empty. See pictures for details.

Tobacco weevils often leave small holes in the packaging. Unfortunately, they are endemic to tobacco collections. I see no evidence of active weevil life on this pack, but I recommend treating it to a few days in a freezer after shipping.

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